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Orange County Attic Clean Up

A wild animal in your Orange County home or business creates several problems, not the least of which is the mess they make. Droppings, fur, nests, eggs, and other nasty stuff can accumulate in attics, crawl spaces, ductwork, and between walls or floors. It’s an unsightly, unsanitary, and often smelly headache.

Many animal-removal situations only affect a small area. Rarely do we need to overhaul an entire attic or crawlspace, but it happens.

If you see evidence of animals in your home or business, trust Attic CleanUp with cleaning and removal. We can help address problems before they get worse and make sure they don’t come back.

  • The first step in the cleanup process is to make sure the animal or animals are gone and won’t be able to come back. If they’re alive, we’ll humanely trap and remove them. We figure out where they came from (and where they could still get in) and seal up those areas, effectively animal-proofing your home. Only then do we start to clean.
  • Next, we remove all droppings, nests, nesting materials, hair or fur, feathers, or animal-related debris. If not properly removed and cleaned, this nasty stuff can continue to smell bad and create unsanitary conditions. Depending on the home and the specific space, it can be very difficult to find or access. We make sure to get ALL of it.
  • Then we sanitize as much as possible with safe, biodegradable products that won’t harm pets or corrode surfaces. If necessary, we use similar products to deodorize the area.
  • Finally, we replace, repair, or reassemble any materials or structures we had to remove in order to thoroughly clean the area. Most often, that means replacing insulation or drywall. We’ll come to you with recommendations for which materials to use and what they’ll cost.

Animal messes can be isolated or widespread, minor or major. Sometimes it’s all right in front of you, but often there’s more where you can’t see. It’s not enough to just remove a dead animal or nest. Animals are crafty sometimes, but we know all their tricks and can make sure your animal problem doesn’t come back.

No job is too small. We’ve seen it all!